Brandon Lee Shealy is an American born actor living in Hollywood, California. Born in at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina; he spent much of his time with martial arts and basketball. He also had an affinity for creating art.

Always a fan of Bruce Lee and martial arts movies; his uncle (Lee Kirkland) began training him in Chi Lung Do and Kempo at around 6 years old. He soon fell in love with the martial arts style of Jeet Kune Do, and began self-taught training non-stop everyday through his high school years, then more formal training from other instructors.

He graduated high school at the age of 16, and moved out at the age of 17 to begin his journey. He had always wanted to live at the beach, so he spent the next 2 years in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina working his first job at Arby’s fast food and enjoying beach life.

In 1999 at the age of 19 he attended Kahana’s Stunt School in Groveland, Florida. He learned everything there, from fight choreography and prat falls to car hits, car drags, firearms, rapelling, Australian rapelling, freefall rapelling, and high falls. Everyday was like boot camp: tons of PT in the morning, then a 5 mile run through the orange groves in the hot summer sun before lunch. Special skills training to cap off the day. Brandon stayed several extra months after the other students left, just to continue training.

Following stunt school, he attended Bobby Ore Motorsports Precision Driving School in Camarillo, CA; then Michael DePesquale’s Action Film Camp in New York, where he won the fight choreography competition in 2000. He returned to SC for a short time, but then decided Los Angeles was place he needed to be for his industry.

Brandon has acted or done stunt work in several independent films. Of which, two were lead acting roles. He has also done a few television appearances.
He currently has many exciting projects in the works. Brandon Shealy has continued to improve his skills with each role and is enthusiastic about the growing success of his career.