Mastering any form of self-defense can help you build confidence, teach you self-discipline, maximize your awareness, increase your flexibility, and definitely greatly improve your overall condition. The benefits are practically endless.

I’ve been involved in martial arts most of my life and truly enjoy teaching.
My goal is to teach you practical self-defense for any environment, so that you can feel confident handling yourself in any situation.

My primary style is Jeet Kune Do, but my lessons include various other forms as well. I teach only techniques that are effective in the real world.
I teach one on one lessons, or a friend is welcome to join you as well.
I have lots of teaching experience, am very easy going, and instruct in a fun, upbeat manner.

You’ll learn:
- Awareness and attack prevention
- Punching and striking, including bag and focus-mitt combinations
- Joint locks and traps
- Breathing and meditation for focus
- Hand speed and reaction drills
- Blocks and counters
- And this is only some of what you’ll learn…

I teach students at a specified park in the Chinatown area or I can come to you for a slightly higher fee.
Lesson fee is $40 per hour if you come to me, and $60 per hour if I come to you.
(negotiable if multiple hours or group of friends)

*Package deals if you come to me:
- $280 / month: Includes two 1 hour sessions per week. (Save $40)
- $145 / biweekly: Includes two 1 hour sessions per week. (Save $15)
*Ask about package discounts if I come to you
I’m more than willing to work with you on the dates and hours

Feel free to check me out on Yelp:
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Looking forward to training you!

- Brandon